Acer Iconia A500 Showing Network Coverage is Poor Error.

If you are receiving this error,

“Network Coverage is Poor, Please move to a better location with better network coverage to continue.”

This seems to be a wide spread issue and is not the Tablet but an error within the Acer update network. The Tablet is trying to check in to see if any updates are available. Currently the address / server is not being resolved. It been reported on other forums that it’s looking for and not getting any response. is live and responds OK so looks like Acer may have a fault or have taken it down due to some issue or to stop any more updates for the time being. It’s just passed 10am in Australia on Monday morning so lets wait and see what happens when Asia wakes up.

This error is reporting for ICS and Honeycombe Tablets waiting for the update.

You will find 100’s of Google search item’s on this issue.


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  1. oldtimer says:

    Tuesday morning 8:30am in Australia. The error has been fixed and when I check for update it’s still telling me I am up to date. So still waiting for my Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Not sure if the outage was intentional, but the server was based in USA so I guess it was fixed when they came in to work on Monday.


  2. oldtimer says:

    According to Acer Australia & NZ Facebook page today at 10am Oz time, they have announced that we are now going to get ICS on the A500 on 17th May.


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