Ice Cream Sandwich Iconia A500 Update

It’s the 28th April afternoon here in Australia. Google is buzzing with news that some have already received the ICS update and that it should be released on the 27th April!

I have checked for Update but still not released here even if USA East coast is now on the 28th April.

Important! make sure you have gone to the Google ‘Play Store’ (was Market) and Installed ‘Iconia Tab Update Enhancement’.

Once that is installed make sure that all your apps are up to date as well. This is a requirement for the update to ICS to be installed. (Read the text of the Iconia Tab Update app).

Overnight about 20 of my 67 apps received updates so go to the ‘Play Store’ and check for updates now! [From the store top right hand side 3rd icon from right looks like a _ with an arrow pointing down], just press and it will download auto updates. Alternately from the list of apps do a manual update if you do not use auto.

Australia has received updates before USA from Acer in the past but look like it’s payback time and I will have to wait a bit longer 🙁


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  1. oldtimer says:

    On further investigation, It looks like Acers Australia & NZ Facebook page may have been spammed with false info (Now Removed) as I can not find any post from them mentioning dates. They however did report on Jan 31st that HQ told them it would be in April but no other posts are on their timeline mentioning a date. However Whirlpool look like some of the spam has been reproduced giving other dates.

    I did find on the Acer website under support, drivers what may be a later version of the ‘Iconia Tab Update Enhancement’ released on 19th April 2012 as an .apk file version. So I downloaded on my PC and transferred to a USB stick and installed it using ‘Astro’ file manager. I could find no way of getting the ‘Party Shop’ app version and I do not remember receiving any update. So it could be the same version I installed 4 weeks ago and they have only just put it on the Acer site under drivers/Applications. Anyway It still failed to find ICS update.

    Just keep trying. If we are just about to get it USA & UK receiving it now then I guess they have to do a phased release so as not to blow the servers away with overload.


  2. oldtimer says:

    The Acer links to get what is said to be the ICS 4.03 update as a download to install yourself are available on the XDA Developers website. The file size is 391mb! and may not be the one required for your region. The procedure for installing is not to complicated. However I am not sure if you will loose all your settings and apps if you use this method.

    I did start a download to my PC but the feed is very slow so I cancelled. Also I would rather wait for my turn to download the OTA way.

    Be warned it’s a large download so when the time comes make sure you are connected to your AC power charger supply.

    As of now it seems that USA & UK are receiving the update and some are reporting a few gremlins. Just be warned you can not always go by what is being reported is correct and some may be spam.

    The ver xxx COM_GEN2 as far as I can determine is for USA and COM_GEN1 for Asia only links for COM_GEN1 are on the XDA site with 2 versions to choose from, your guess is as good as mine as to which country’s are supported.


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