Wi-Fi Troubles with Acer Iconia A500 and Android Phone

Since my last post I have purchased a new Android Telstra NextG Blue Tick Phone. The model is TELSTRA LG OPTIMUS SPRIT LG-P690F pre paid $149. This is the first Android phone I have been able to find that supports the NextG network and has a Blue Tick for country reception. If you travel outside the Australian Metro-Area then you will find that a 3G phone will only work in Towns and you need a NextG (sometimes called 3.5G). The Blue Tick tells you it will work in fringe reception Areas.

I reported that I was having issues with my Acer Iconia A500, where the Wi-Fi when in an area with multiple network access points would not connect. The symptom being, that it would connect, disconnect, connect to another in a Loop. By the way I have WinXP laptops that connect OK in same environment.

What’s this got to do with the Android Phone from LG-P690F. Well it does the same thing only it’s seems to be easy to fix by Stopping & Starting the Wi-Fi it will lock on and connect OK. The Phone is running Android 2.3.4 Kernel, Gingerbread.

This indicates to me that the issue is to do with the Android Operating System  both on the Iconia running Honeycomb & LG Phone running Gingerbread. So we can’t really blame Acer! I am still waiting for the 2nd level support to contact me re the issues.

The GPS on the new LG phone is much more sensitive and receives stronger signals than the Iconia. The phone GPS gave it’s first fix in 4 mins after turning on the GPS for first time out of the box. I will report back when I have had more chance to play with it.


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  1. oldtimer says:

    Just chased up Acer on this Wi-Fi Loop issue and have just received this, Response Via Email 07/12/2011 03.52 PM Australian Time.

    Good Afternoon

    Thank you for contacting Acer’s online helpdesk.
    A new FOTA (Free Over-The-Air) update will be online shortly to resolve the described issues.
    We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

    Have a great day.

    I will post when the update arrives. In the meantime a description of FOTA to keep you going.


    • Rex Adamson says:


      Also have just purchased an LG-P690f from Telstra. Am not having the problem locking on to a wireless network and I have 3 normally running near my house.

      Also when we go walking it will pick up normally 4- 6 networks at a time and not try to lock on to any of them whether open (1) or secure (normally 5 or so).

      As a point of interest only, I unlocked the phone and am using Amaysim on the Optus network. Now, whether it will give me the coverage in fringe areas remains to be seen. I suspect not. So, will just have to carry the Telstra SIM card as well and use as needed.

      Rex A

  2. oldtimer says:

    Hi Rex,

    Thanks for your comments. The loop issue is a state that appears to be pot luck some days I do not have the issue. I await the new update due for my Iconia A500.

    We may have to wait a lot longer for Telstra to provide same for the LG-P690f.

    I see from the Wiki Android Gingerbread version is 2.3.7 on the LG phone we are still on 2.3.4 July 2011.

    Hope we go straight to Ice Cream Sandwich already on 4.1.0.



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